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Inside or outside a university residence, with or without roommates, from a private landlord or a private letting agency... there are differents ways to find an accomodation in France.

Do you want to access to accommodation from the CROUS?

The Campus France solution

Campus France will manage your application with the CROUS network if you are a grant-funded student managed by this operator. If you are a Campus France grant-funded student, consult the page for your accommodation application.

Other cases

Are you an international student (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, etc.) or an individual student registered in a Masters 2 or Doctorate programme, in a Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT - University Technology Institute), Engineering School or classes preparing for admission to the Grandes Ecoles?

You must contact the international relations department of your host school or university or the person in charge of accommodation at your institution, to make an accommodation application.

The CIUP - Paris International University Campus

Located in Paris's 14th arrondissement, the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) is a vast grouping of university residences. It is home to nearly 6,000 students, researchers, artists and high-level athletes from around the world. Room rates vary according to comfort, the age of the occupants and the length of the stay.

Student lodging within your institute

Some institutes of higher education, in particular the Grandes Ecoles, have their own student accommodation. To learn about the conditions for assigning residence there, contact the accommodation department of your future institute.

Accommodation outside a university residence

If you cannot obtain accommodation in a university residence - or you simply prefer to be totally independent - there are several alternatives available. You can rent a room or small apartment from a private landlord or from a private letting agency. Or you could share a large apartment with other people (apartment-share), an economical, sociable solution.

Lokaviz, the student accommodation centre

Whether you want an apartment-share or individual accommodation, the CROUS centre operates Lokaviz, the non-commercial student accommodation centre. Some offers are accredited by the CROUS teams, so you can be sure that they meet certain standards in terms of:

  • Compliance with decent housing criteria (surface area, safety, etc.)
  • Building energy performance
  • Rent amount, charges and any services
  • Compliance with good practice in terms of landlord and tenant relations
  • Location near the higher education institutions and sports and cultural facilities, meaning your journey time via public transport or bicycle will be shorter

How to use the service

You can freely browse the Lokaviz offers. But to contact a landlord, you must create an account on Lokaviz.

To do this, you will need your INE (national student identification) number, or if you haven't got it yet, a document proving that you are enrolled in a higher education establishment or an education certificate, high school certificate if you have just graduated.

 What financial help is available?

  • To help you pay the rent > APL, ALS, ALF
  • To act as a guarantor if no one else can do this for you > Visale
  • To obtain a free, refundable deposit for payment of rent and rental charges > www.actionlogement.fr
  • To benefit from the Housing Solidarity Fund (Fonds de solidarité pour le logement - FSL) > www.service-public.fr

Don't hesitate to contact the Housing department in your city or your CROUS centre.

> Precautions to take before renting accommodation

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