Refugees : how to manage your student life

Available financial support, health, student job...

In France, with the student status you can benefit from specific financial support and in-kind support (access to university restaurants, health care system, help for job searches, etc).

Please note that the student status comes with your enrolment at a higher education institution in France, except for French as a foreign language (FLE) courses.

Besides, with the status of refugee or subsidiary protected person you are eligible for further support such as an accommodation in student residence, social services, cultural services, etc.


Available financial support

If you are a student, you can apply for...


A CROUS scholarship, if you meet all three following conditions:

  • You are in initial education in France (or in another country of the Council of Europe)
  • You are registered with a public or private higher education institution entitled to provide these scholarships
  • You are following a full-time course in this higher education institution.



A merit scholarship, if:

  • You meet the conditions to receive a CROUS scholarship
  • You passed your baccalaureate exam with the mention « very good »



Other options for a financial support

If you are a foreign student, you are eligible for a specific scholarship. You can find...

  • general information HERE
  • and a catalogue by nationality HERE


Specific situations

If you come from Syria, Egypt, Irak, Jordania, Lebanon, Turkey, you are eligible to the HOPES (Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians) project:

This projects aims at improving the situation of young Syrians refugees, and those of young people in vulnerable circumstances in 5 Syria's neighbouring countries (Egypt, Irak, Jordania, Lebanon, Turkey) and to facilitate their access to higher education

 > More information HERE



Eating out

As a student, you have access to the CROUS university restaurants where you can get a full lunch for 3.25€, from Monday to Friday. Some can be open in the evenings and during the weekends.

  • You must have an Izly account for the payment
  • A map of the university restaurants is available HERE



Healthcare in your university

Health Services are free in French higher education institutions.  You can make an appointment with a doctor, a nurse, and benefit from an emotional support or even have a full health check-up for free in your university. 

Your physical information point at the university is the Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé - SUMPS.


Health insurance scheme

If you have the refugee or the subsidiary protection status, you are automatically eligible to the health insurance scheme for free.

If you are to enroll at a French higher education institution for the first time, your health agency is CPAM and subscription must be done online.

The required documents are a proof of residence and a proof that you are legally staying in France (residence permit, at first receipt).

If you were already enrolled at a French higher education institution in 2018-2019: please contact your health insurance agency.



Finding a student job

As a student you can have a scholarship and a student job as long as your job does not prevent you from going to classes.

WARNING: Minimum wage - according to French regulations, you should be paid AT LEAST 9.88 €/hour (prior to social tax deduction)

You will find some job platforms below (in French).

For students:

For refugees in particular:


Prepare your student life

> You will find more useful information on this page for international students

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