Assistance with cultural and artistic projects

Higher education is also a place where your talents will emerge and be developed.

The universities and CROUS centres offer a wide range of support to help you set up your projects: advice, expertise, training, premises and financial assistance.

Over 30 student projects are supported every year, via financial support schemes common to all institutions or support specific to each university or school.

In all cases, don't hesitate to contact the student life or cultural services office at your institution, as well as your CROUS centre.

Student Initiative Development Fund (FSDIE)

Do you have a cultural project? Charity project? Civic project? Celebration project? Or another idea?

Get in touch with the Student Initiative Development Fund (Fonds de solidarité et du développement des initiatives étudiantes - FSDIE)!

The FSDIE is present in all universities and other higher education institutions. It helps promote student projects and fund initiatives in the following areas: cultural and artistic (drama, dance, music, literature, cinema), scientific culture, campus events, sports events, humanitarian and charity actions (citizenship, disability, health). 

Find out more from the student life office or the management team at your institution: sometimes there are other schemes available to support student initiatives too!


Culture-ActionS is the CROUS scheme that supports student initiatives and projects, whether these are organised on campus (including in student residences or university restaurants or cafeterias) or externally.

The grants are divided into four categories:

  • Culture
  • Actions / Engagement
  • Young talent
  • Scientific and technical culture

Applications for assistance should be made to your CROUS cultural service.

Student creativity competitions

To highlight students' artistic creativity, the CROUS organise 7 competitions every year.

  • 4 themed competitions > novella, photo, cartoon and short film
  • 3 competitions without a theme > music, dance and drama

These competitions enable you to:

  • obtain a professional opinion of your work
  • win regional or national prizes (from €500 to €2,000)
  • win prestigious rewards for each discipline: drama productions in Avignon for the winners of the drama competition, exhibition of storyboard in Angoulême for the winners of the cartoon competition, etc.
  • How to apply for these competitions? (in french)

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