University health

Each university has a university health service which is available for advice and individual consultations or to help you develop practices to avoid getting sick and relating to health information.

Free health checks

All the university services offer free health checks for undergraduates and other students. Make sure you reply to the invitations you receive or make an appointment to carry out your health check.

Free primary care consultations

Many university health services also offer free consultations for:

  • contraception
  • diet
  • psychology
  • relaxation
  • sophrology
  • smoking cessation
  • vaccinations and screening

Find out more from your local service.

In many cases, the university health services are or have a connection with the University Psychological Support Office which gives free psychotherapy and psychiatry consultations.

Student health representatives

Student health representatives (étudiants relais-santé - ERS) are present on some campuses and are becoming systematically present on more and more, offering primary healthcare information. They will listen to and answer your questions, and also conduct awareness and information campaigns on campus.

It's sometimes easier to talk to other students, particularly about subjects that might be sensitive for you, so don't hesitate to contact them.

University health centres

Nearly half of these services are also medical and nursing clinics. They offer primary care, and if you need treatment, offer consultations in general medicine, gynaecology, specialist medicine, etc.

Many of you say you find it difficult to get treatment, for financial reasons. These health centres offer medical consultations and general medical treatment, issuing prescriptions if you need medication.

We use the third party payment system so you only have to pay the additional portion not covered by social security, just under €7.50 for a consultation. You can also name one of the doctors at the health centre as your lead doctor for your treatment (in french); i.e. your treating physician.

Access to health and disability rights

Most university health services have a social service that can also assist you with obtaining recognition of your rights.

The University Disability Services (Services Université Handicap - SUH) support students with a recognised disability to carry out their studies. The university health services are there to decide on any adapted study or examination you might need, including if you have a temporary disability (for example, following an accident).

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