Crous Resto', catering on campus

The CROUS offer a wide range of quality catering at low prices on campus.

The choice

There is a wide choice available including sit-down lunches, takeaway food or snacks between lectures, close to your place of study. Meal trays in the Resto' U, set or à la carte menus in the cafeteria, takeaways, etc. - eat your meals how you like in the various Crous Resto' catering outlets: restaurants, brasseries, cafeterias, self-service, food truck, etc.

Freshness and quality

The CROUS chefs and their teams prepare dishes and menus using fresh, quality produce. Balanced, tasty menus with a wide choice are available at only 3,30€.

Nutrition and environment

The CROUS are committed to a nutritional and environmental approach, through their partnership with the Bleu Blanc Cœur association, aimed at sustainable, responsible consumption. Nutritionists also assist our chefs in preparing some menus and can advise you if you have any dietary requirements.

Health and safety

Each dish is prepared by a team of professionals in compliance with health and safety standards. The CROUS manage the traceability of the products used, preferring those from short supply chains. Inspections are carried out regularly by independent organisations.

To celebrate special events such as Chinese New Year or Candlemas, etc., our chefs prepare special, exotic menus to introduce you to "Made in Crous" cuisine, always at a student rate!

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