Beginning or continuing your studies in France

Discover the application process to study in an institute of higher education.

The application process

Please go to this page to see the application process.

Brexit / British students

Despite the Brexit, British students can exceptionally this year go through Parcoursup for their admission to higher education in France. However, they will also need to apply for a visa.

Once you have obtained your admission from a higher education institution, you will need to complete your visa procedure via the Studies in France platform.

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Due to current events, the Campus France space is closed. The Studying in France procedure is therefore temporarily suspended.

Candidates from Syria can apply for pre-registration by submitting a "white" paper file to the university of wish 1 without passing through the French embassy.

For the verification of the linguistic level, the candidates should contact the embassies of the following countries to register for a session of the T.C.F.-DAP: Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


Beirut Campus France

Ambassade de France à Beyrouth - SCAC Rue de Damas Espace des Lettres Ras El-Nabaa Beyrouth


Ankara Campus France space

Ankara CampusFrance Merkezi 7. Cadde No:9/7 Bahçelievler, Ankara


Istanbul Campus France space

Consulat Général de France à Istanbul Institut Français d'Istanbul / CampusFrance Istiklal Caddesi N°4 - 34435 Taksim - Istanbul

Amman Campus France space

Ambassade de France à Amman SCAC P.O. Box 5348 Amman

F.A.Q Parcoursup

Frequently Asked Questions (in french) are at your disposal to answer your questions about the functioning of Parcoursup, the platform for admission to higher education.



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