Gender-based and sexual abuse

Here are some resources and initiatives for talking about abuse and taking action on your campus.

A support and counselling service on each campus

Since the start of the 2018 academic year, support and counselling services have been set up at each university, to enable all victims of gender-based and sexual abuse to receive support. In addition to national schemes and contacts, and the role played by your local CROUS, don't hesitate to find out about the information and human resources already available in your higher education institution. 

Finding info, help and support

Your CROUS will listen

The CROUS supports victims of abuse

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Financial aid
  • Extra support

Make an appointment at, Appointments ("Prendre rendez-vous") module.


Resources for getting information

Specialist websites informing you of your rights


Understanding and explaining the concept of sexual consent

Rather than a long speech, take a look at two videos that treat the concept of sexual consent in a clear, simple way.

On the left is a video made by and with students from Kedge Campus Bordeaux, based on an idea by the student health representatives at the University of Bordeaux. On the right is a video of a (very clever) extended metaphor produced by the Blue Seat Studios YouTube channel.