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Accessibility in your place of study, accommodation, catering, sport and culture, transport, etc.


Accessibility concerns all the services offered by the institution, both the physical premises and the digital information and training resources. Recently constructed university premises will be accessible, as this requirement is now a compulsory part of any architectural project. Older institutions are required to make their premises accessible on a gradual basis.

If your institution is not yet fully accessible, you can get support to help you cope with these obstacles.

You can find information about the different institutions on the institutions map.  


The CROUS have accessible rooms or apartments for people with disabilities. This accommodation list is available from each CROUS.

If you need support for certain everyday activities, you can get specific care from the staff in the university residences. In some cases, if you need support, a student support worker will be allocated a room next to yours.


As well as accommodation, adaptations have also been made in many university restaurants to facilitate access. In many university restaurants, adapted menus will be offered, if you wish.

Adapted transport

The travel expenses of students with disabilities are paid for by the local departments, as they are responsible for school transport. The department where you live is responsible for paying your transport costs.


Disability sport is more and more popular in higher education.

Find out more from the sports service or your disability adviser if you want to know how to access the different sports available at your institution. The same applies to access to culture and art: contact the institution's cultural department or ask your disability adviser.

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