Social support

The social service assistants at your CROUS (Regional Centre for School and University Life) and your university are there to help you.

Listening and support

  • They will listen to you and support you in any kind of problems you may have (personal, medical, family, financial, administrative, etc.) and seek appropriate solutions with you.

Advice - Guidance

  • They will help you settle into your studies and support you with independent learning.
  • They can guide you towards specialist services.

Help with administrative procedures

  • They will inform you about the formalities you need to deal with as a student (budget, grant, housing, social legislation, access to rights, benefits, work).
  • They will act on your behalf with all the services that manage student life and all external private or public organisations.
  • They will help you with administrative procedures (applications for grants, accommodation, social security, health insurance, CAF, etc.).
  • They will process applications, specific aid (in french), assistance from legacies and grants from foundations

They are even available during the university holiday period

Depending on the regional education authority, these services are available during university vacation times, particularly around Christmas.  If you have an emergency, you can contact the social service assistants.

To make an appointment, go to the website for your CROUS or university/school or use the online services to make an appointment with your Crous.

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